E51AMF – Thanks!

With E51AMF and E51ADD QRT for a few days, a quick update on operations, QSL’ing and next step are in order. As E51AMF, I completed 7363 QSOs with 4224 unique stations over the course of approximately 25 days.  Additionally, I logged just over 1000 QSOs from E51ADD on Rarotonga.  I’m pleased with my effort and[…]

50% Checkpoint

Yesterday marked the half-way point for E51AMF, Manihiki Atoll, E5/N.  This is a solo operation and the first DXPedition by me, K7ADD, a relatively new ham.  I appreciate all the attention that the trip has brought to The Amateur Foundation and we’re grateful for the donations that we’ve received.  As a reminder, all donations and[…]

E51ADD – South Cooks

I’ve extended my trip to include several weeks on Rarotonga (OC-013). I will be active from Rarotonga (OC-13) in the South Cook Islands – E5/S as E51ADD.  Active from Jan 5th-9th 2017 and again from Feb 8th-18th.  As with the North Cooks, will also focus on EU, ATNO, and rates. — Be sure to check[…]

Club Log and Donations Live

I’ve set up the basic Club Log page and the Club Log donation page.  I’ve left the leaderboard feature enabled, please read our Plans page for our operating guidelines.  I’m happy to make the QSO, but will be working off our list of priorities with Europe and ATNO coming first.  I’ll leave the leaderboard enabled as[…]

Operator Change

N5EIL has had an employment change that will prevent his travel to Manihiki.  Neil will remain instrumental in furthering the goals of the Amateur Foundation and will continue to support the DXPedition with technical expertise. Stay tuned for more operator news soon…

DX Engineering Sponsorship

DX Engineering has graciously agreed to sponsor our expedition with some incredible equipment to augment our transmit antennas with world class receive capability.  We’ll share more both on the equipment page and some photos and video of the gear in use, once QRV. DX Engineering is a great company, staffed with hams with a long[…]

It’s on.

With the help of Andy, E51AND, we’ve officially been granted a license to operate in the Cook Islands by Bluesky and the Ministry of Telecom in Rarotonga.  We’re lining up travel, lodging, equipment, and logistics… now the real work starts! Thanks Andy!

Expert Linears Sponsorship

We have secured sponsorship for a second SPE Expert 1.3K-FA, thanks to Expert Linears America LLC. It‘s a small and powerful (near legal limit) linears that covers all amateurs bands from 1.8 to 54 MHz including WARC bands and, where permitted, is able to work on 5 MHz (60 m.) and 70 MHz (4 m.).  It’s[…]